7 thoughts on “[01-12-2020] Lecture 12 : Overall Concepts

  1. Ma’am please explain certain things i m not able to get them,sorry
    1. In oranges question how the process could be different then rice question afterwards i m not able to clarify both
    2.how gopal is making 1% profit as his s.p.is 110 and cp is 99

    1. Effect of final transaction is asked…so final transaction is Gopal is getting the article in 99 which cost 100.. so 1% profit …

  2. As you promise all queries will be solved by you regarding question.
    but that thing is not happening.

    1. I have give some question on last Saturday but not get any response.

    2.on Monday I have some doubt but again from your side not solved.

    1. Jab aap koi question comment karte hain toh ussi comment k reply me aapko solution milega…though I have promised to reply every query regarding the chapters eigher already taught or ongoing…then to I have replied you 3 days back only…..

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