02 October UPSC MAINS Answer Writing

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Q.Recent Abortion rules regarding the Unmarried girls will go long way in women empowerment. What Else needs to be done in this regard to provide women bodily autonomy.

GS-1, GS-2

Can be a Society Question and can be a polity question as well

12 thoughts on “02 October UPSC MAINS Answer Writing

    1. Hello Dipti, in the first point you have written that abortion time period has increased from 20 to 24 weeks. This has happened earlier and without mentioning the time line writing such point will create the impression that this has happened in this judgement.

      Overall you have written a very thorough answer,

      Check the word limit because you have a closed knit handwriting and you have written nearly three pages therefore, check the word limit. It should have been maximum 2 pages.

      Conclusion was good, include points like Patriarchy and behavioural change, more awareness about the womens bodily integrity.

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  2. The scope of abortion law has been widened by sc to permit single women to end 24 week pregnancies

    Bodily autonomy
    means that individual have power and agency to make choices over their bodies and future without violence or coercies

    Law regarding body autonomy pertain to abortion law ,marriage law,gender identity laws and even laws related to medicine amongst others

    Women body autonomy curtail by
    Patriarchal attitude
    Social pressure
    Lack of awareness

    Need of autonomy
    Attainment of rights
    Towards betterment
    Development of all

    What needs to be done in this regard to provide women bodily autonomy

    1 – Tackling the patriarchy & misogyny
    2- Increase support service for women
    3- Education
    4-Effective law making and regulation
    5- Access to mestual hygiene products
    6-Employment status
    7- Ownership of physical asset like phone bank account etc

    Realizing bodily autonomy is essential to achieve UNFPA’s
    goals of ending the global unmet need of contraception preventable maternal deaths
    Gender base violence and harmful practice by 2030 .

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