10 June 2021 Mains Question of the Day

Indian Judiciary is facing a major problem of Pending cases. What can be done in order to minimise the pendency and expedite the judicial process.

GS-2 : Judiciary, Judicial Reforms

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12 days ago


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Aditi Bandgar
Aditi Bandgar
11 days ago

Indian judiciary is overburden. more than 3 crore cases pending before the court of which around 1 lakh pending cases over 25 years. This delay in the Justice delivery barred access to the court for the common citizen.
There is a need to make Justice accessible by minimising pendency and expedite the judicial process. the following suggestions can be considered
1fill the vacancies in courts and ensure diversity of representation(women ) in court
2 establish benches at different places and
bifurcation of sc as Constitutional bench and non-constitutional per law commission
3.focus on efficiency (working hour and holiday) rather than creating special courts more.
4.Share the burden: tribunals
5.Virtual court for the technical case, tax pendency (
6 think of NJAC
7 make gram nyayalaya, mobile courts active
A platform for mediation conciliation and consultation focused on.
The technology can help to revitalise judicial system ensuring privacy concern. example e-courts.
These above steps reduced pendency and restore declining institutional credibility,if justice deliver in letter and spirit .

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