11th August 2021 Daily Current Affairs

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Questions :-

Consider the following statements regarding Panna Tiger Reserve.

1. The Panna tiger reserve is situated in the Northern part of Vindhya mountain range in Uttar Pradesh.

2. It has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

3. Ken-Betwa river interlinking project passes through Panna Tiger Reserve.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

 a) 1, 2

 b) 3 only

 c) 2, 3

 d) 1, 2, 3

2)Which of the following Tiger Reserve bagged the first international award, TX2, among the 13 tiger ranging countries for having doubled the number of tigers in less than the stipulated time?

 a) Bandipur Tiger Rerve

 b) Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

 c) Periyar Tiger Reserve

 d) Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

3)Torrefaction technology is used for

 a) Reducing water pollution

 b) Bioremediation

 c) Stubble burning

 d) Desalination of sea water

Prelims Specific News Items

1) LS clears Bill restoring States’ rights to specify OBC groups :- The government on Monday introduced a key Constitution amendment bill in the Lok Sabha that seeks to restore the states’ power to make their own OBC lists.
Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Virendra Kumar introduced the Constitution (127th Amendment) Bill, 2021.

The Bill has been passed to clarify that the states and Union territories are empowered to prepare and maintain their own list of SEBCs (Socially and Educationally Backward Classes) and with a view to maintain the federal structure of this country, there is a need to amend Article 342A and make consequential amendments in articles 338B and 366 of the Constitution.

The 102nd Constitution Amendment Act of 2018 inserted articles 338B, which deals with the structure, duties and powers of the National Commission for Backward Classes, and 342A that deals with the powers of the president to notify a particular caste as an SEBC and the power of Parliament to change the list. Article 366 (26C) defines SEBCs.

What did the Supreme Court said in 5 May order :- The amendment was necessitated after the Supreme Court in its Maratha reservation ruling in May upheld the 102nd Constitutional Amendment Act but said the president, based on the recommendations of the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC), would determine which communities would be included on the state OBC list.

“In the task of identification of SEBCs, the President shall be guided by the Commission set up under Article 338B; its advice shall also be sought by the state in regard to policies that might be framed by it. If the commission prepares a report concerning matters of identification, such a report has to be shared with the state government, which is bound to deal with it, in accordance with provisions of Article 338B. However, the final determination culminates in the exercise undertaken by the President (i.e. the Central Government, under Article 342A (1), by reason of Article 367 read with Section 3 (8) (b) General Clauses Act),”

The 102nd Constitution Amendment Act of 2018 had inserted Articles 338B and Article 342A (with two clauses) after Article 342. Articles 338B deals with the structure, duties and powers of the National Commission for Backward Classes. Article 342A says that the president, in consultation with the governor, would specify the socially and educationally backward classes.

What will the 127th Constitution Amendment Bill introduce?

The 127th Constitution Amendment Bill will amend clauses 1 and 2 of Article 342A and also introduce a new clause 3. The Bill will also amend Articles 366 (26c) and 338B (9).

The 127th Amendment Bill is designed to clarify that the states can maintain the “state list” of OBCs as was the system prior to the Supreme Court judgment. Articles 366 (26c) defines socially and educationally backward classes.

The “state list” will be completely taken out of the ambit of the president and will be notified by the state Assembly as per the proposed Bill.

What is the procedure to get 127th Constitution Amendment Bill passed?

An amendment of the Constitution can be initiated only by the introduction of a bill in either House of Parliament.

The bill must then be passed in each House by a majority of the total membership of that House and by a special majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting. In case of disagreement between the two Houses, there is no provision for a joint sitting.

2) India to host the first Internet Governance Forum in the country

What is the News?

The Government of India has announced the launch of The India Internet Governance Forum (IIGF) -2021.

About India Internet Governance Forum (IIGF) -2021:

India Internet Governance Forum (IIGF) is an Indian chapter of the United Nations-based forum Internet Governance Forum.
Purpose: IIGF was launched as a policy discussion platform to bring representatives together from various groups to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet.
This mode of engagement is referred to as the multi-stakeholder model of Internet Governance which has been the key feature for the Internet’s success.
First Session: IIGF will host a session in October 2021 to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet.
Theme: Inclusive Internet for Digital India.

3)Indian Navy undertakes bilateral exercise ‘Zayed Talwar 2021’ with UAE Navy

Indian Navy took part in a bilateral exercise named ‘Zayed Talwar 2021’ with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

About Exercise Zayed Talwar 2021:

Exercise Zayed Talwar is a bilateral naval exercise between Indian and UAE Navy.
Aim: The exercise is designed to enhance interoperability and synergy between the two navies.
As part of the exercise, the Indian Navy deployed warship INS Kochi and two Sea King MK 42B helicopters.

3) ‘Seekho Aur Kamao’ Scheme :- Union Minister for Minority Affairs has informed Rajya Sabha about the Seekho aur Kamao Scheme

About Seekho aur Kamao Scheme:

Seekho aur Kamao (Learn & Earn) is a scheme implemented by the Ministry of Minority Affairs.
Purpose: It is a Skill development scheme for the youth of the 14 – 35 years age group. It aims at providing employment and employment opportunities, improving the employability of existing workers, school dropouts etc.
Implementation: The scheme is implemented through selected expert Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs).
The scheme ensures placements of a minimum of 75% trainees, out of which at least 50% placement is in the organized sector.
Moreover, Post-placement support of Rs. 2000/- per month is provided to placed trainees under the scheme for two months as placement assistance.

4) Parties get 48 hours to publish candidates’ criminal records:- The court had directed political parties to publish the criminal history, if any, of their election candidates on the homepage of their websites under the caption ‘Candidates with criminal antecedents’ within 48 hours of their selection.

5) PM Modi launches 2nd leg of Ujjwala scheme in Uttar Pradesh :-

Under Ujjwala 2.0 (Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana), migrant workers would no longer have to struggle to get address proof documents to get the gas connections, Mr. Modi said.

Now migrant workers would only be required to submit a self-declaration of their residential address to get the gas connection.

6) HC nod must to close cases against lawmakers :- Questioning the Centre’s commitment towards the speedy trial and prosecution of criminal politicians, the Supreme Court on Tuesday directed that a criminal case against an MP or MLA can be withdrawn only after getting the consent of the State High Court concerned.

No prosecution against a sitting or former MP/MLA shall be withdrawn without the leave of the High Court… Various State governments have resorted to withdrawal of numerous criminal cases pending against MP/MLA by utilising the power vested under Section 321 CrPC.

Section 321. Withdrawal from prosecution. The Public Prosecutor or Assistant Public Prosecutor in charge of a case may, with the consent of the Court, at any time before the judgment is pronounced, withdraw from the prosecution of any person either generally or in respect of any one or more of the offences for which he is tried;

7) Aug. 7 will be National Javelin Day

8) Hong Kong Map :-

Editorial 0f the Day

Unpacking the resiliency of global trade, yet again

In this Article the Author says that after covid what needs to be done in order to improve the economy and trade.

What were the Past incidents :- After world war – II Brettonwoods conference led to the formation of world Bank and IMF. same after the oil crisis of 1970’s International Energy Agency was formed in 1974.

Similarly author says that after Covid- 19 a push for Multilateralism has been seen and the countries are trying to deepen and diversify their bilateral relations.

Author also suggests that special focus needs to be given on MSME’s and the MSME’s needs to be coordinated with the bigger markets.

In a post COVID19 world, members of the World Trade Organization are expected to stitch trade facilitating rules that may impinge on national sovereign policy space with a collective resolve to discipline errant nations that are known to dumping goods and erecting trade barriers through multilateral rules.

Mutually beneficial trade arrangements that seek deeper economic integration will be entered into at the bilateral and regional levels to create win-win situations for all stakeholders, including consumers, who tend to benefit from lowered barriers and harmonised standards.

Countries that harness technology are expected to dominate international trade in future with a transformational impact on the global economy.

Skills upgradation to global standards should form a part of India’s strategy in a post COVID-19 world.

Building an ecosystem that incentivises value added manufacturing and technology induced finished products should form a part of our longterm strategy.

Plug and play manufacturing units under Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) schemes, if carefully nurtured, could lead the industry on that path.

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