14 June Mains Question of the day

Covid 19 impacts are questioning the prepardness of the world to face biological hazards. What else needs to be done in order to safeguard the world from any such future biological havocs.

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1 month ago

the Covid 19 pandemic has shown us the ground reality of our traditional old methods to deal with biological havocs nationally as well as in the global sphere where less developed countries were affected the most and the developed once also faced its consequences .
this kind of havoc was not unknown to people but they kept ignoring misuse of synthetic technology .in 2014 US dept. of defence had characterised synthetic biology as one of the 6 most disruptive basic research areas .
synthetic technology can act as a double edged sword where it provides scope for treating diseases by restructuring cells on the other hand its misuse can led to mass level destruction .
it is considered as one of the three weapons of mass destruction still very little has been done at international level there is one BTWC ie biological and toxic weapon convention with no implementing body , poor verification clause and clarity .
need : at international level , it is the need of the hour to explicitly define its use at military or defence level because there is a thin line between its use for defence research and use for weapon research
making countries signatory to this protocol and countries not compliance to this should face its repercussions .
Need to increase coordination among various ministries
creation of a nodal ministry which is solely responsible for research and framing protocols
experts of staff to be recruited in its research
building in health care system
proper database for people returning from foreign countries in order to check spread of disease .
COVID 19 has surely worked as a wake up call in response of which G7 formed the corbis bay declaration that aims at finding and licensing vaccines for future disease with in 100 days . taking example of G 7 nations should come together to preserve the humanity from destructive use of biological havocs before its too late

Saraswathi Priyanka
Saraswathi Priyanka
1 month ago

plzz review

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Saraswathi Priyanka
Saraswathi Priyanka
1 month ago


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Dipti kumari
Dipti kumari
1 month ago

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Dipti kumari
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Preeti kumari
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Bhat Bhat
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Bhat Bhat
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Shilpa singha
Shilpa singha
1 month ago

The covid 19 pandemic not only havoced human civilization in every possible way and level, but also questioned the preparedness of the world to:
1. Anticipate the novel bio-agents, and the tine lag in detecting its type, antidote or vaccine harnessed high morbidity and mortality (like in France, USA etc.).
2. Handle lockdown, economic crisis, social tumoil or the phycological aftermath.
3.The mutation of the virus into various strands ( B.1.531, B.1.1.7, B.1.617, etc.) Made detection and control elusive.
4. The effectiveness of the institutions to combact the pandemic since their resource and manpower was diverted.
5. Absence of an early detection and warning mechanism.
Thus making even the most advanced nations kneel.
1. Setting up of a dedicated Rapid Deployment Biosecurity Force both at national and international level.
2. Setting up of an efficient, credible national, international bio-serveillience and intelligent system, to update the world about the regional epidemic outbreak.
3. Dedicated internalional agencies to ensure world wide coordination among the agencies and institutions in technology, logistics and data sharing to combact bio hazards.
5. Imbibing international sentivity benovolance and coordination to counter such international emergencies.
6. Implementiong the UNSC’s Resolution 1540 of 219 to stop non state offenders from initiating a bio hazard.
7. Countries to have a comprehensive and dynamic national strategy to handle bio hazards.
8. Coordination among the ministries and departments to handle biohazards.
9. Making biohazard proof infrastructure.
10. Imparting essential training to the human resources to handle such extra ordinary situation.
11. Awareness at the societal and individual level among the probable cause and effect of bio hazards and their prevention.
It can thus be hoped that the implementation of the above mentioned clauses can safeguard the world from any future biological hazard.

1 month ago

Covid has shown us were we lack in and also that biological threats .biological warfare is the intential use of micro orgism and toxics , generally of plants ,animals origin to produce disease and death in human livestock and crops .

1) contagious
2)non detection by routine Security
3) accessible technologies give rise of proliferation
4 ) easy to damage section without even knowing
5) not required massive financial investment as chemical and nuclear weapons
6) difficult to find origin

1)destruction of Civic infrastructure
2) large scale of distruption in routine facilities

Medium to transfer
1)air ,water
3) human or through animals
4) antibiotics

Can be used by
2)by rival countries

1)to increase food Scarcity
2)to distrupt health infrastructure
3 )making other sector economically weak
Egsmall pox,covid

Way forward
1)need to increase research and health fund
2)advancement in technology
3)good coordination with other countries and inner ministers
4) create school programs to inform them and projects by universities students on disease and threat can be possible and emphasis them for research projects
5)support and coordination of Indian science institution for data and labour sharing

1 month ago


Sudhanshu Mishra
Sudhanshu Mishra
1 month ago

Please Review-;

Covid-19 has unleashed the weakness of healthcare facilities to tackle the zoonotic diseases. The global order has been disturbed and global economy has been shrinking since then .There has been a fallout at domestic as well as international efforts.


1-Prime objective is to inculcate transparency in the ethical virtue of countries, as we have seen that countries don’t share the real information about the issue due to unpopularity.

2- International stakeholders like WHO must take a firm stand and work in a collaborative manner .

3- Concept like “Vaccine Nationalism” needs to be eradicate and ensure equal access to vaccine , drugs and other medical supplies to all nations.

4- Increase spending in Healthcare infrastructure to enhance doctor to patient ratio via public private partnership.

5- Ensure Universal health insurance.

6- Create a pandemic fund .

7- Build resilient infrastructure at all fronts either economic , Social or political.

8-Promotion of healthy ,hygienic and sanitation knowledge among masses.

To have a robust plan ,we should have a PLANNING ON THE PLAN AND NOT GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN .

Satyam Nigam
Satyam Nigam
1 month ago


Satyam Nigam
Satyam Nigam
1 month ago


1 month ago

Mains Answer–>

Covid 19 pandemic has brought to open the unpreparedness of human beings to tackle the biological hazards

World facing biological hazards –>
1. zoonotic diseases like Nipah virus, Zika virus, covid, recently outbreak of Monkeypox, etc
2. Infections through Biological waste generated at hospitals
3. Threat of biological & toxic weapons
4. Misuse of DNA technology – e.g. CRISPR Cas 9 – could trigger Bio-hacking
5. illegal trafficking animals & human body organs

Steps to safeguard future biological havocs –>
1. Adopting one health concept – to deal with human, animal health & environment in integrated manner
2. following proper biological waste management rules at each level
3. International collaboration to tackle any biological attacks & proliferation of biological weapons – e.g. BTWC
4. legal provisions at national levels to deal with illegal or misuse of biological technologies
5. Steps to reduce man & animal conflicts
6. Improving veterinary & human healthcare
7. Framing rules & guidelines regarding development & use of biological technologies & products for commercial use

Biological hazards are becoming very common in recent years & will continue in near future as well if immediate dedicated steps not adopted to tackle them. Recent initiative by G7 countries i.e Corbis bay declaration is one such step in the right direction. More such steps are needed at state, National & international levels.

1 month ago

form 2020 starting we have seen a major pandemic throughout the world called covid-19. before this situation Biological warfare was just a concern for the world but after the covid it became a huge debatable topic, it is fair enough to say that this virus is type of biological weapon.
though widespread use nano techonology, synthtic biology in field of medical have done a tremendous work but it also raises concern about its misuse.
since there is biological convention 1976 is implementing safeguard for the misuse of the technology but still it lags behind. it needs more improvement , and monitoring power becouse in this 21st century where countries are willing to gain more firepower , there is no exception that on can misuse this technology.
way forward-
1- Countries need to more co-oprative regarding data transfer , and cross border activity.
2- there should be a central authoritye who must have power to visit any biological lab around the globe.
3- All labs across the world need to be checked once in year and data should be transfer to a central authority on periodic basis.
4- india does not have a well contingency plan as we have seen recentnly in covid situation , we need to formulate a contingency plan.

Karishma pradhan
Karishma pradhan
1 month ago

Please review

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Karishma pradhan
Karishma pradhan
1 month ago


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1 month ago

Please Review (200 words)

Covid 19 pandemic can be considered as one of the most devastating pandemic of 20th n 21st century. Its impacts have been witnessed in almost every sectors like healthcare, economic, educational, social, political and what not. This shows that modern world is not prepared and equipped enough to tackle such biological hazards like Covid 19 as of now.

Therefore, few points are given below, to combat such pandemic in future, if any:
1) Enhancement in R n D. The faster we find out the problems, faster will be the means to solve them.
2) Increase investment in healthcare facilities like infrastructure, manpower(doctors, nurses and other staffs) medicines etc.
3) Increase use of technology in healthcare sector like telemedicine, e-doctor appointments, consultations, equipment etc.
4) Constitution of multi sectoral,multi national Biosecurity Bodies is the need of the hour. Other bodies like WHO should also be strengthened.
5) More investement should be made in Education and R n D, specially in developing and underdeveloped countries like India, Bangladesh etc. This will help solving some social problems like Domestic Violence against women, early and child marriages, gender discrimination etc during pandemics.
6) The immediate needs to combat any such pandemic in future would be “mass vaccination”. Concepts like “Vaccine Nationalism” should not be welcomed.


The world today really need a strong co ordination irrespective of any social and political differences. This Covid 19 pandemic should be taken as an apportunity to make a stepping stone to fight against any such pandemic in future.

(200 words)

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