17 June 2023 The Hindu Current Affairs

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1. Consider the following statements with respect to Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in India.

  1. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) include cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease.
  2. Cancer is the leading cause of NCD related deaths in India.
  3. Currently urban regions had higher rates of all metabolic NCDs than rural areas with exception of prediabetes.

How many of the statements given above are correct?

  • a.  Only one
  • b.  Only two 
  • c.  All Three 
  • d. None

2. Drip Pricing, often seen in the news, refers to?

  • a.  It is a mechanism announced by RBI to support local exporters to deal with increasing inflation
  • b.  It is a technique in which multinational companies fix their product’s pricing of their international products
  • c.  It is a technique in which firms advertise only part of a product’s price and reveal other charges later at final billing
  • d. It is the pricing mechanism which includes the cost of subsidies offered by the government to recover the subsidy cost from the end consumer

  • Drip pricing is a pricing technique in which firms advertise only part of a product’s price and reveal other charges later at final billing.
  • Deceptive online patterns are a violation of the Consumer Protection Act.
  • A robust self-regulatory mechanism for the larger framework on online deceptive patterns is the need of the hour.

3. Which of the following governs the naming of newly identified animal species?

  • a.  International Zoological Society
  • b.  Respective national governments
  • c.  International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • d. International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature

Prelims Specific News Items

Space Debris

  • It is any piece of machinery or debris left by humans in space.
  • It can refer to dead satellites, bits of debris or paint flecks that have fallen off a rocket.

The Kessler syndrome is a scenario in which the density of objects in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascade that increases the likelihood of further collisions

  • Russia has the most space debris with over 7000 rocket bodies floating in space.

WEF Guidelines 

  • The guidelines are not exactly rules, and are, therefore, non-binding.
  • Post-mission disposal (PMD) – The guidelines say that spacecraft operators try to get satellites removed from low-Earth orbit within 5 years after the end of the mission.
  • In case operators are not able to maintain control of the satellite and de-orbit it, they must ensure that it does not turn into space debris.
  • Collision avoidance systems – Missions that orbit above an altitude of 375 kilometres should have an ability to actively manage the orbit.
  • The guidelines encourage a propulsion-based system but other technologies could be more appropriate depending on the situation.
  • Data sharing and traffic management – Every satellite operator should try to proactively coordinate with other operators and entities to create operational coordination agreements and space situational awareness information-sharing.

2. Justice Clock

Recently, Justice Clocks have been installed across the court complexes of high courts.

  • Justice Clock is a LED display message sign board system (electronic signage system).
  • It is to make effective use of database created through National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) and to make the information available to public.
  • Initiative of Ministry of Law and Justice.
  • Aim – To bring awareness to the public about justice sector, advertising the various schemes of the department and to give status of various fields to the public.
  • Contents displayed – The clock will display the schemes of the Department of Justice and how citizens can benefit from the projects such as e-Courts, Access to Justice and Legal Aid to Poor.
  • At present the following contents are being displayed
    • Live Case Status (The details of ongoing cases in respective Court rooms are displayed during Court proceedings.)
    • Case Pendency in District Courts
    • Ecourts videos
    • NJDG Public Portal and District Court Services videos
  • A total of 39 Justice Clocks are functional in 25 High Courts.

3. Cassini Spacecraft

  • It is a joint NASA-European space agency mission.
  • Cassini-Huygens is an unmanned spacecraft sent to the planet Saturn in 2004.
  • It is the 4th space probe to visit Saturn (Pioneer 11, Voyager1, Voyager 2) and the first to enter orbit.
  • Its design includes a Saturn Orbiter and a Lander called “Huygens” for the moon Titan.
  • This was the first landing ever accomplished in the outer solar system.

4. Sea Slaters

A new study has found that diffused light pollution in the night sky could be confusing a species of woodlouse called Sea slaters.

  • Sea slaters are members of a group of crustaceans called the Isopoda (iso meaning “same” and pod meaning “foot”).
  • It is a species of woodlouse.
  • It is also known as the common sea slater, or sea roach.
  • Scientific Name – Ligia oceanica.
  • Habitat – It is semi-terrestrial and lives in Europe and Indo-Pacific region.
  • It is found on rocky shorelines, wharf pilings, and harbor areas where it inhabits the borders of the land and sea.
  • It is an herbivore and scavenger and eat dead plant and fungal matter thus acting as important “natural recycler”.

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