[19/11/2020] Lecture 02 : Factors and Prime Factorization, Indices,Occurrence of Zero’s, Tens or any Number


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38 thoughts on “[19/11/2020] Lecture 02 : Factors and Prime Factorization, Indices,Occurrence of Zero’s, Tens or any Number

  1. can u share all those questions which you solved during lecture. any pdf of questions for practice related to the topic.

  2. osculator for 17 – occ is 5 and one more occ is 12
    for 19 – occ is 17 and one more occ is 2
    for 23 – occ is 16 and one more occ is 7
    for 13 – occ is 9 and one more occ is 4
    m i r8?

    523 22719
    1076 22269
    498 2383
    1679 2373

    1. Prime factorization is Correct
      …Osculator***plz watch the video and understand the conceot…u hace to get perfect multiple where 1 or 9 is at unit place….lyk for 17….17×3=51….and 51=5×10 +1, hence osculator for 17 is 5 and as 1 needs to be subtracted from 51 to find exactly 50 so its negative osculator…

  3. Mam please solve one more ques. Which you solved today .how many digits are there which are more than 100th place ,more than 10th place , more than unit place bw 700 to 1000 .

  4. Ma’am can you please explain once again the question : total number of digits printed if total page numbers is 1to 150

    1. Single digit no.___1 to 9—total nos. Used= 9 hence total digits used 9
      Two digit no. Used 10 to 99 total nos. used 90 hence total digits used =2×90 =180
      Three digit no. Used 100 to 150, total nos. used 51 hence total digits used =3×51 =153
      So total digits used =9+180+153=342

  5. Mam,ur way of teaching is awesome, there is one request, plz make a telegram channel and add all the subscribed person there and also share video there, so that we can download it for future use and can increase or decresas the speed, it’s not happening there..

  6. Mam, Is it possible to display respective question along with given options on board itself?….. then it’ll be easy to read the questions and understand it properly.. otherwise always we need to carry previous question paper.

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