27 July 2022, Daily Current Affairs – THE EXAMS MADE SIMPLE

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Prelims Objective Practices Question

(I.) The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by
a) Jainism
b) Mahayana Buddhism
c) Lokayata School
d) Hinayana Buddhism
*// In Jainism, Ahimsa is the standard by which all actions are judged. For a householder observing the small vows
*// (Anuvrata), the practice of Ahimsa requires that one not kill any animal life.

(II.) What is a “Biotope”?
a) It is an ecosystem that supports the genetic mutation of a contiguous ecosystem.
b) It is a well-defined geographical area, characterised by specific ecological conditions.
c) It is a biome that harbours all species of same phenotype.
d) It is a community of species that reproduces entirely by asexual reproduction.
*// biotope is generally not considered to be a large-scale phenomenon. For example, a biotope might be a neighbouring park, a back garden, even potted plants or a fish tank on a porch.
*// In other words, the biotope is not a macroscopic but a microscopic approach to preserving the ecosystem and biological diversity.
*// Phenotype is the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

(III.) Osmosis is a driving force, i.e. assists the mechanism, for which of these diseases?
b) Cholera
c) Tuberculosis
d) All of the above
Note :-
*// The choleric bacteria populate in our intestines and begin to reverse the intestinal cells’ ionic orientation. In other words, it changes the way ions and, subsequently, water is transported in our intestines.
*// when our ions’ orientations are switched, the intestinal cells are no longer able to absorb water into the body. It actually flows out. Now osmosis happens in the other direction and water moves from our intestinal cells into our intestines. This is what causes cholera’s deadly watery diarrhoea.
*// This is why cholera can kill you so quickly, because it does not rely on how much water you consume.

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