14 thoughts on “[28-11-2020] Lecture 10 : Profit and Loss Basic Concepts

  1. Some mistakes in CSAT practice set question –
    1. question no43( table/chair),44
    Also write the year in which the question come .
    Provide answer key.

    1. A number,divided by 899 leaves reminder 63.what will be the reminder if the same number divided by 29 ?

    2. A number divided by 65 give reminder 43. If it is divided by 13, reminder will be?

    1. Though we will do these type of questions in our Remainder Theorem topic, as U might be solving them I will tell u how to do these kind of questions

      1. number is divisible by 899 so let say no. will be divisible by 29 too as 899 is a multiple of 29 (31×29=899), hence you only have to check with remainder of 1st case, i.e. 63, so when u divide 63 by 29, it will give remainder 5. Ans. is 5.
      2. same way 65 is divisible by 13, so now divide remainder 43 by 13, so remainder will be 4.

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