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  1. Only 1 in 10 had access to online classes, finds ASER.
  2. Also ‘20% rural students lack books’
  3. 5.3% of rural children aged 6-10 years had not yet enrolled in school this year, in comparison to just 1.8% in 2018. 
  4. Levels of smartphone ownership have almost doubled from 2018, but a third of children with smartphone access still did not receive any learning materials.

This is as per the ASER ReportAnnual Status of Education Report. This report is Published by the NGO PRATHAM. The Survey is conducted in all the Rural Districts of the county.

The ASER survey also provides a glimpse into the levels of learning loss.

Students in rural India are chiefly suffering with varying levels of access to technology, school and family resources.

This results in a digital divide in education.

ASER is a nationwide survey of rural education and learning outcomes in terms of reading and arithmetic skills.

NGO Pratham conducts the survey from the last 15 years.

However This year Phone calls were used to conduct the survey reaching 52,227 rural households.

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