Booklist for Geography for UPSC Prelims and Mains

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Let’ see what needs to be studied for Geography for prelims and Mains of UPSC

For Prelims and Mains Both

  1. Class XI ( Fundamentals of Physical Geography )
  2. Part II Class XI ( Indian : Physical Environment )
  3. Class XII ( Human Geography and Economic Geography ) – 2 Parts are there.

Overall these are the books which will be sufficient for the preparation of Geography , but with the changing nature of Questions from geography asked:-

KURUKSHETRA is highly recommended since Agriculture has been one of the areas in geography from where questions are asked , so for that part we will recommend the Kurukshetra Magzine.

Along with these if Time Permits go through Goh Che Leong ( G.C Leong) book on geography.

These are more than sufficient books and you must go through them in order to clear the upsc prelims and mains examination.

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