Chalcolithic Cultures

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Chalcolithic Age :-

Chalcolithic Age people used copper and bronze to make a range of utilitarian tools. This phase or period is termed as the Chalcolithic age. A number of such sites have been found in the Chota Nagpur plateau region, the upper Gangetic basin, Karnataka and near the banks of river Narmada. Neither plough nor has been found at Chalcolithic sites. They practiced Jhum cultivation.

Chalcolithic Sites

Chalcolithic Age Sites

Various Chalcolithic Cultures :-

Ahar Culture

The sites of Ahar culture were Ahar (Rajasthan), Balathal, Gilund etc. The distinctive feature is black and red ware. —

Kayatha Culture

Located in Chambal and its tributaries, the sturdy red slipped ware with chocolate designs is main feature. —

Malwa Culture

Narmada and its tributaries in Gujarat. One of the largest Chalcolithic settlements. —

Savalda Culture

The well-known sites are in Dhule district of Maharashtra. —

Prabhas and Rangpur Culture

Both of them are derived from the Harappa culture. The Polished Red ware is the hall mark of this culture.

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