Comparison of PIO vs OCI Cardholder

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As an individual of Indian origin staying in another country, you could either apply for a PIO Card or an OCI Card.

As per RBI PIO mean :-

Person of Indian Origin (PIO) means a citizen of any country other than Bangladesh or Pakistan who had (a) at any time held Indian passport or (b) he or either of his parents or any of his grandparents were a citizen of India by virtue of the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955 or (c) the person is a spouse of an Indian citizen or a person referred to in (a) or (b). 

What Does OCI Mean?

OCI is an immigration status that allows foreign citizens of Indian origin to live, study or work in India. OCI cardholders can visit India at any time and stay for any time.

Below table shows the differences.


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