Direct Seeded Rice (DSR Technique)

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Direct Seeded Rice :- Researchers have developed suitable direct seeding alternatives to transplanted paddy. In direct seeded rice (DSR) cultivation, raising of nursery for transplantation is done away with.

Advantage of the Technique:-

  • Farmer can avoid the major problem faced in Punjab i.e., labour shortage for transplanting due to peak demand.
  • In case of delay in monsoon or shortage of water,
  • DSR gives the farmer flexibility to take up direct sowing of paddy with a suitable duration variety to fit into the left over season.
  • Direct sown rice consumes relatively less water compared to transplanted flooded rice.
  • Energy demand for pumping of irrigation water is also less and saving can be much higher during deficit rainfall situations compared to transplanted rice.
  • Early Maturity
  • undisturbed soil structure
  • Better Fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Direct sowing can be practiced for cultivating both coarse rice and basmati rice wherever feasible.


  • Seed requirement is high
  • Early Sowing required.

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