Dynamic Groundwater Resources Report

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Ground Water Resources Assessment happens at periodical intervals jointly by State Ground
Water Departments and Central Ground Water Board under the guidance of the respective State
Level Committee on Ground Water Assessment at State Levels and under the overall supervision of
the Central Level Expert Group. Previous such joint exercises were in 1980, 1995, 2004,
2009, 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2020

So The assessment involves the computation of:-

  • dynamic ground water resources or Annual Extractable Ground Water Resource.
  • Total Current Annual Ground Water Extraction (utilization).
  • The percentage of utilization with respect to annual extractable resources (stage of Ground Water Extraction).

So The main source of replenishable groundwater resources is recharge from rainfall, which
contributes to nearly 61 % of the total annual groundwater recharge.

In the present assessment, the total annual ground water recharge has been assessed as 437.60

So what are the key points of the report:-

  • Firstly, The total annual groundwater extraction (as of 2022) is apporximately 239.16 bcm.
  • secondly, The average stage of ground water extraction for the country as a whole works out to be about 60.08 %
  • The extraction of ground water for various uses in different parts of the country is not uniform.
  • Thirdly, Out of the total 7089 assessment units (Blocks/ Districts/ Mandals/
  • Talukas/Firkas) in the country 1006 units in various States (14 %) have been categorized as ‘OverExploited’ indicating groundwater extraction exceeding the annually replenishable ground water recharge.
  • A total of 260 (4 %) assessment units have been categorized as ‘Critical’, where the stage of groundwater extraction is between 90-100 % of annual extractable resources available.
  • The overall stage of groundwater extraction has marginally decreased from 61.6 % to 60.08 %

Groundwater assesment
UPSC-2020 Question on Groundwater Assessment

Answer :- 2 and 3

So Read the solution of the question.

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