Flag Quiz by The Hindu Newspaper – 09 Nov 2021

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1. In which country would one be if the flag had an AK-47 featured on it?

Answer – Mozambique

Mozambique Flag

2. This European country’s flag is said to have its genesis in the flag that fell from heaven in 1219 and hence holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest continuously used national flag. Name the country and what is the flag called?

Answer – Denmark whose flag is called the ‘Danneborg’

Denmark Flag

3.  Which natural feature appears on the flags of Bangladesh, Kiribati, and Niger?

Answer – The Sun

4. In the ‘Stars and Stripes’, the stars represent the 50 States of the union. What do the 13 stripes stand for?

Answer – The original 13 States of the union

5. This country’s flag has equal bands of blue and red. During peacetime, the blue is on top but when the country is at war, the bands are reversed. Name this Asian nation.

Answer – The Philippines

Philippines Flag

6. Name the only UN-member nation to have a map of the country in the national flag.

Answer – Cyprus

Cyprus Flag

7. In what way is the Nepal flag different from other national flags?

Answer – It is made of two stacked two triangles rather than being rectangle or square.

Nepal Flag

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