Indian Express Explained 13/05/2020

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1) Self-reliant India: Which are the sectors dependent on imports, which are not

What sectors heavily depend on imports right now and cannot immediately scale up production domestically?

  • Electrical equipment such as smartphones and computers are a key part of India’s import bill.

Around 88 per cent of the components used by the mobile handsets industry are imported from countries like China, according to the CII.

  • Over 60 per cent of the country’s medical devices are imported as well

What sectors partially depend on imports to make their finished products?

  • key ingredients for antibiotics and vitamins currently not manufactured in India.

Solution :- The country is currently trying to encourage domestic firms to make these key ingredients, known as fermentation-based APIs.

  • Medical devices like ventilators also rely on imports of several crucial components like solenoid valves and pressure sensors.
  • India’s Electrical vehicle industry is heavily dependent.

Sectors that are Self Reliant and can ramp up production:-

  • Dhar, India is not as dependent on imports for some textile components like yarn.
  • country does have the capacity to domestically make products like hot water bottles, mercury thermometers, hypodermic needles, wheelchairs and patient monitoring display units.

What are the issues with scaling up production in import dependent sectors?

i. Input cost is more in India.Capital I te dive equipments are needed.

ii) More logistic cost as compared to china.

2) Champion Services Sectors

Champion Services Sectors refers to the 12 identified sectors where the Government wants to give focused attention for promoting their development, and realizing their potential.

12 identified sectors are:

  1. Technology & Information Technology enabled Services (IT& ITeS)
  2. Tourism and Hospitality Services
  3. Medical Value Travel
  4. Transport, and Logistics Services
  5. Accounting and Finance Services
  6. Audio Visual Services
  7. Legal Services
  8. Communication Services
  9. Construction, and Related Engineering Services
  10. Environmental Services
  11. Financial Services, and 
  12. Education Services.

 It was subsequently decided that Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), the nodal department for ‘Make in India’, would spearhead the initiative for the Champion Sectors in manufacturing and Department of Commerce would coordinate the proposed initiative for the Champion Sectors in Services.

3) ASHA is a woman grass root level health volunteer, who links households with

health facilities. As per norms, there should be one ASHA for every 1000population.

She disseminates health related information and assists households to gain access to health care facilities. She is paid on the basis of performance (incentive) for the task she undertakes.

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