Indian Express Explained 29th March 2020

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1)What are Sections 269 & 270 IPC, invoked against those accused of spreading disease?

What are Sections 269 and 270 of the IPC?

Sections 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life) and 270 (malignant act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life) come under Chapter XIV of the Indian Penal Code– ‘Of Offences Affecting The Public Health, Safety, Convenience, Decency and Morals’.

While Section 269 provides for a jail term of six months and/or fine, Section 270 provides for a jail term of two years and/or fine.

In Section 270, the word ‘malignantly’ indicates indicates a deliberate intention on the part of the accused.

2)Explained: What is the US Defense Production Act, invoked to lift ventilator production?

US President Donald Trump invoked the Defense (defence) Production Act in order to boost the production of ventilators as part of efforts to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

What is the Defense Production Act?

The Defense Production Act, 1950 gives the President the power to mobilise domestic industry so that the supply of essential materials and services is maintained for purposes of national defence.

For instance, by invoking this Act the President can require persons, including businesses and corporations, to undertake government contracts so that production and supply are maintained.

3)Experts explain: Is India ready for the group insolvency

Group companies are a set of entities related by shared control or economic dependencies.

At present, the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code does not envisage a framework to harmonise corporate insolvency resolution process and liquidation proceedings of group companies.


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