Mount Everest Height Increased

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THE HIGHEST POINT on Earth has a newly announced elevation. Mount Everest is 29,031.69 feet above sea level, according to survey results presented today. That is more than two feet higher than the altitude previously recognized by the government of Nepal.

The new height is 8848.86 m. Earlier in 1954 SOI ( Survey of India) declared height as 8848m which was agreed by the China.

The New height is 86 cm taller than the earlier one.

Why the Height of Himalayas is increasing :-

  • The Folding activity is still going on.
  • It is very young when compared to the geological time scale of earth.
  • Young Fold mountains.

The Origin of Himalayas:

The story of the Himalaya begins some 200 million years ago, as the supercontinent of Pangea began to split into pieces. The Indian plate eventually broke free, trekking northward toward the landmass we now know as Asia. The Indian plate zipped along at surprisingly fast speeds, geologically speaking, shifting nearly 30 feet or more each century.

Unlike an oceanic plate, which is cold and dense, the Indian continental plate is thick and buoyant. So, as the continents compressed and India shoved its way under Asia, the surface buckled and the crust thickened to form what would eventually become the mighty Himalaya mountain range. Or, at least, that’s long been the accepted version of the story.

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