Newspapers and Newspaper Editors Quiz by The Hindu Newspaper – 11 Nov 2021

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1. A former editor of The Hindu, this person was also the general secretary of Swaraj Party for a short while in the 1920s and was part of the delegation in the Second Round Table Conference along with Mahatma Gandhi in talks with the British in 1931. Name him.

Answer – . A. Rangaswami Iyengar

2. The title “Sardar” was not only used to address the freedom fighter and India’s first Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel, but another statesman and journalist also. This person was briefly the editor of Hindustan Times and much later after Independence, served as the Ambassador to China. Name him.

Answer – K.M. Panikkar

3. The editor of one of the United States’ most respected and bestselling newspapers for nearly a decade from 2012 to February 2021, this journalist was also featured in the Oscar-winning film Spotlight. The film sheds light on an intensive investigation led by The Boston Globe into systematic child abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the Boston area. Name the journalist who was also managing editor of The Boston Globe when the investigations took place.

Answer – Martin Baron

4. India’s oldest running periodical first started as a weekly in 1822, ran as a biweekly paper from 1832 to 1855 and has been a daily since. It is published in Gujarati and was set up by a Parsi-Zoroastrian scholar, Fardunjee Marzban. Name the newspaper.

Answer – Bombay Samachar

5. Among the members of the Oversight Board, created by Facebook to regulate its content and policies with a mandate to even overturn the company’s decisions, is a former editor of a prominent newspaper. The newspaper, under his editorship, broke several investigative stories, including the Wikileaks’ released Cablegate stories and the Edward Snowden whistleblower revelations. Name the journalist and the newspaper.

Answer – Alan Rusbridger, The Guardian

6. Name this newspaper that was started by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa in 1903 and was later edited by his son Manilal Gandhi.

Answer – Indian Opinion

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