One nation one uniform

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“One Nation One Uniform” is in line with his broader attempt to introduce a uniform set of policies across the country. The idea is just a proposal and not some forceful obligation, the PM said.

Most police forces adorn shades of khaki. A few such as the police in Kolkata, Tamil Nadu and Goa don white uniforms. One nation one uniform is the idea that law enforcement agencies (police forces) should have the same uniform. States can have their number or insignia.

How will it benefit: The availability of high-quality products will benefit the police force. Belts, hats, and uniforms will all be produced in large quantities.

PM was addressing the Chintan Shivir. PM said that “The Panch Pran’ must be the guiding force for good governance”

Both ‘public order and the ‘police’ are placed in List II (State List) of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution. The 7th Schedule deals with the division of powers between the Union and the States.

One nation one uniform - Panch pran
Panch Pran – One nation one uniform

A Probable Question on this topic:-

Recently one nation one uniform was in the news, it is related to

  1. having a uniform dress for all school-going children
  2. Uniform dress for Police of all the states
  3. having uniform wear for the post office employees
  4. None of the above

29th October 2022 Current Affairs

More Details in Indian Express

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