PIB News 28th April 2020

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1)Anti-Leprosy Drug Trials started by CSIR against COVID-19:- The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research has started the trials of anti-leprosy drug trials against COVID-19. The drug trial is to be conducted with the help of Mycobacterium MW.

The Mycobacterium MW is a heat killed bacteria. It is to be tried on different COVID-19 patients. The drug trial was approved by the Drug Controller General of India. One particular strain of bacteria called the Mycobacterium MW is to be tried on several COVID-19 patients.

Phytopharmaceuticals:- The Phytopharmaceuticals are herbal medicines. They contain one or more plant products as Active Ingredients. Phytopharmaceuticals are preferred to synthetic drugs as their benefit-risk ratios are higher.

Mycobacterium MW is a strain of mycobacterium. It is a non-pathogenic, non-specific immune potentiating, rapidly growing atypical mycobacterium.

2)International Financial Services Centre Authority established by GoI:- The Government of India has established International Financial Services Centre Authority. The headquarters of the authority is to be established in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The authority consists of 9 members that are appointed by the Government of India. The members are to have a term of three years.

The Authority was established through a notification. The notification issued by the GoI brings into effect certain effects of IFSCA Act, 2019.

The IFSC will provide fund raising services to corporates, individuals and governments. The IFSCA will act as a unified authority to the IFSCs in India.

3)Exercise Pitch Black Cancelled:- The biennial warfare exercise hosted by Royal Australian Air Force was cancelled due to COVID-19 threats.

The main aim of the exercise is to practice Defensive Counter Air combat and Offensive Counter Air Combat. The exercise is held in Northern Australia.

The exercise is held in Northern Australia. The first pitch black exercise took place in June 1981.

4) Min. of Health and Family Welfare has issued an Advisory :- Plasma Therapy must not be used to treat COVID-19 patients; using it can be harmful to the patient and would also be illegal: Health Ministry

The Joint Secretary stated categorically that plasma therapy is not approved and must not be used to treat COVID-19 patients. “ICMR has stated very clearly that there is no approved therapy for COVID-19, including plasma therapy. There is no evidence at present to use this as a treatment. The Council has launched an experimental study on the efficacy of Plasma Therapy as a treatment for COVID-19. Till the study is approved, no one should use it. Doing so can be harmful to the patient, it can have life-threatening complications if it is not used as per proper process and guidelines. Moreover, using plasma therapy before its approval would also be illegal. Till then, it is unjustified to spread any claim about the effectiveness of this therapy.”



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