PIB News Analysis 01 March 2020

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1)New explosive detection device, developed by DRDO & IISc Bangalore, unveiled in Pune:

RaIDer-X, a new explosive detection device, was unveiled at the National Workshop on Explosive Detection (NWED-2020) in Pune today.

RaIDer-X has the capability to detect explosives from a stand-off distance. The data library can be built in the system to expand its capability to detect a number of explosives in pure form as well as with the contaminants. Bulk explosive in concealed condition can also be detected by the device.

RaIDer-X has been co-developed by High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) Puneand Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

2)Week Long “Ekam Fest” to Begin Tomorrow to Promote Craftsmanship & Products of Divyang Artisans And Entrepreneurs:- Union Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment Shri Thaawarchand Gehlot will inaugurate the week long Exhibition-cum-Fair “EKAM Fest” organised by National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation (NHFDC).

EKAM Fest is an effort for promoting entrepreneurship and knowledge among Divyangjan community, generating awareness among society about potentialities of PwDs & providing a major marketing opportunity to PwDs entrepreneurs.

NHFDC Foundation is making efforts for development of a brand and platform for marketing of products of these determined entrepreneurs. Accordingly, name of the brand has been arrived at Ekam (Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, Awareness, Marketing).

The word Ekam also represents the inclusiveness, oneness and unity which appropriately describe the efforts being put in by NHFDC to develop the marketing platform and aggregation of the products through promotion of entrepreneurship, knowledge sharing, Awareness creation and marketing initiatives amongst the Divyangjan.

3)Red Panda Species are two separate species:- On February 29, 2020, the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered that the red panda species are actually two separate species.

Earlier, both the Himalayan red pandas and the Chinese red Pandas were together considered as red panda species. However, the DNA analysis says that they are two separate species.

Chinese Red Panda are found in northern Myanmar, Sichuan, south-eastern Tibet and Yunnan province of China. The Himalayan red Pandas are found in India, Nepal, Bhutan and southern Tibet. On the whole, there are 10,000 red pandas in the wild.

4) World Productivity Congress in India after 45 years of gap:- The World Productivity Congress has been conducted by the World Confederation of Productivity Science since 1969. It was last held in India in 1974. The Congress is held under the theme Theme: Industry 4.0-Innovation and Productivity.

The 19th World Productivity Congress to be held in Bengaluru aims at catalyzing government approaches in enhancing productivity. It is to be held between 6th May 2020 – 8th May 2020.

5)Mission Purvodaya: India-Japan join hands to make Odisha a Steel Hub:- The mission was launched in January 2020. It aims to develop Eastern India as an integrated steel hub.

Under the mission, the GoI aims to generate employment opportunities and also increase growth of steel sector. This will also help achieve the target of National Steel Policy, which is producing 300 MT of steel by 2030.

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