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1)Arsenicum Album: Homeopathic drug recommended by AYUSH Ministry:- Ministry of AYUSH has recommended the Arsenicum album, a homeopathic drug. The drug has been recommended for preventive use of COVID-19.

The drug is made by heating arsenic in distilled water. This process of heating is repeated for three days till the water has less than 1% of arsenic.

This is considered as the correct inflammation for the body. It helps of prevent cough, cold and diarrhoea.

2)Amery Ice Shelf: Increase by 24% by 2021:- The National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research has predicted that the Amery Ice Shelf is to expand 24% by 2021. The Ice Shelf would expand another 24% by 2026.

Amery Ice Shelf is located in the east coast of Antarctica. It is one of the largest ice shelf in the world. The mass balance and dynamics of the ice shelf help in understanding the changes in global climate scenario.

3)Magnetic Field of Solar Corona unveiled:- The researchers in the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy have studied the interplanetary space of the sun called solar corona.

The charged particles that are radiating from the surface of the sun is called solar wind. These particles expand and fill in entire solar system. The properties of solar corona are completely dependent on the magnetic field of the sun. The magnetic field is produced in the interior and extends outward.

4)Annual Report of Periodic Labour Force Supply:- On June 3, the National Statistical Office launched the Annual Report of Periodic Labour Force Survey.

According to the survey, the worker population ratio increased to 35.3% as compared to 34.7% in 2017-18. The unemployment rate fell to 5.8% in the period July 2018 to June 2019 as compared to 6.1% in the same period 2017-18. The Labour Force participation rate increased to 37.5% as compared to 36.9% in 2017-18.

The survey has also found that the worker population went up to 35.3% as compared to 34.7% in the year 2017-18.

In Urban India, the unemployment rate fell to 7.7% in 2018-19 from 7.8% earlier. Also, the female participation rate improved in both rural and urban India from 17.5% to 18.6%.

5)DRDO develops SUMERU PACS:- The Defence Research Development Organization has developed the SUMERU PACS, that helps to reduce sweating of Personal Protective Equipment wearers.

The DRDO scientists found that the PPE wearers felt very uncomfortable after wearing them for more than 30 minutes.

They start sweating and this worsens the situation. In order, to solve this problem, personal air circulation system was developed by DRDO. The system is to be used inside the PPE as a small backpack of 500 grams. This has been named SUMERU PACS. They keep the wearer away from sweats.

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