PIB News Analysis 25/05/2020

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1) WHO adopts “Human Challenge Trial” to develop new vaccine:-The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced eight candidates to enter human trials. Several people step forward to participate in human challenge trial as the race to develop new vaccine for the virus is increasing.

The trial involves infecting volunteers intentionally with COVID-19 virus. This is done to speed up the process of vaccine development.

The Human Challenge Trial is not new. Earlier, similar trials were conducted for malaria as well.

Vaccine Development Phases:-
Phase 1: During this phase small groups of people receive the vaccine
Phase 2: Vaccine is given to those people whose characteristics are similar to those for whom the new vaccine is intended.
Phase 3: Vaccine is given to several thousands to test the safety and efficacy. During this phase, the participants either receive placebo or vaccine. Placebo is something that looks like treatment but is not in reality. It can be a sugar solution or saline. The Human Challenge Trial is not new. Earlier, similar trials were conducted for malaria as well.

2) Mizoram provides industrial status to Sports:– The Mizoram State Government has recently provided industrial status to Sports. This has been done by the government to attract investment in the Sports industry.

The Mizoram Government is framing new industrial policy under which the sports have been included as sports category.

3)Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANTIA) finds high energy particles from ice:-The NASA researchers have found high energy particles erupting from ice in the Antarctic region. The researchers believe that these particles are proof to parallel universe.

ANTIA:- The ANTIA is high-energy cosmic neutrino that detect radio pulses that are being emitted by Antarctic ice sheet. The neurinos in the ice produce radio pulses due to Askaryan effect. The ANTIA instrument detect cosmic-ray neutrinos through a scientific ballon that is flying in the region of Antarctica.

4)Askaryan Effect :- It is the phenomenon where a particle travelling at a velocity faster than light in a dense electric medium, produces shower of secondary charged particles. The dense electric medium can be ice, salt of lunar regolith.

5)World Steel report: India’s steel output declined by 65%:- World Steel Association released the World Steel Report. According to the report, the crude steel report of India declined by 65%. During April 2020, the steel output of India was 3.13 million tonnes.

About National Steel Policy :- India is currently operating under its National Steel Policy 2017. Under the policy, India is to increase its steel production to 300 million tonnes by 2030. It also aims to make India self-sufficient in steel. It also aims to build a globally competitive steel industrial output in the country.

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