PIB NEWS Analysis 2nd-4th May 2020

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1)May 4: International Firefighters Day
The International Fire Fighters Day is celebrated on May 4 as it is also Saint Florian’s Day. Saint Florian was one of the commanding firefighters of Roman battalion.

2)UV Blaster: Disinfection Tower developed by DRDO:- The Defence Research and Development Organization has developed Ultra Violet Disinfection Tower for chemical free and rapid disinfection.
It is highly helpful for disinfecting high tech surfaces such as computers, electronic equipment and other gadgets.

Recently DRDO developed ATULYA, a microwave sterilizer to help disinfecting COVID-19.

3)Saras Collection launched on the Government E-Marketplace portal, GeM:– On May 4, 2020, the Union Ministry of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj launched the “The Saras Collection” on the GeM (Government E Marketplace) platform. The Saras Collection aims to promote daily utilities made by self-help groups.

The initiative is a joint effort of the Ministry of rural development, GeM and Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM).

Under the initiative, the SHGs (Self Help Groups) will list their products in 5 different categories namely office accessories, handicrafts, handloom and textiles, grocery and pantry and personal care and hygiene.

4)Draft Guidelines issued for Satellite TV channels:- The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued draft guidelines for satellite TV channels.

The Ministry has listed 11 violation under the guidelines. It includes delay in intimating the ministry about the change in shareholding pattern of the company, appointing a director without the permission of the ministry, not removing a director who has been denied with security clearance, showing logo hat is not permitted by the ministry, etc. If any of the 11 clauses are violated the ministry would warn, impose penalty or even prohibit broadcast up to 10 days.

According to the guidelines, the channels need not get clearance every year.

Also, the permits will be provided to the Indian teleports for up linking foreign channels to increase their business. For now, the channels registered under ‘news’ category are allowed to make live telecasts. The rest of the channels have to get permission from the ministry to telecast live events. However, under the guidelines, these non-news channels are allowed to live telecast after registering themselves under “Broadcast seva”.

Since 1997, the giving preference to Indian satellite was always an integral part of the policies of GoI. However, this time the guidelines say that the the only criteria to use a satellite channel is that it should be uplinked on C band or Ku band.

5)Arogya Setu Mitr launched:– Under the public-private partnership, the initiative called Arogya Setu Mitr was launched. The feature is to be available in the Arogya Setu application . It is offer free COVID-19 related consultation.

In partnership with the Tech Mahindra, Tata Group and Swasth the Arogya Setu Mitr was launched. It will offer free online consultation to COVID-19 with the data provided by the three private sector firms and government entities.

6) NAM Summit 2020:- On May 4, 2020, PM Modi will attend the NAM Summit representing India through a video conference. The Summit is to discuss COVID-19 challenges and solutions.

This is the first NAM Summit being attended by the Mr Modi since he was sworn in as the Prime Minister in 2014.

About NAM :- The NAM is Non-Aligned Movement forum of 120 developing countries. The summit was he NAM also aimed to soften the cold war that was building among the developed nations.

The summit was agreed to convene at the Bandung Conference in 1955.

Principles of NAM The five major principles of NAM include mutual respect, mutual non-aggression, equality and mutual benefit, mutual non-interference in domestic affairs and peaceful coexistence.

7)What is COVID Toe?:- The British Journal of Dermatology Researchers have so far observed 5 clinical patterns of the COVID-19 cases. One such is COVID Toe. COVID Toe is a kind of rash that is being developed in COVID-19 patients.

19% of patients infected with COVID-19. The dermatologists call the red rashes as Pseudo-Chilblain lesions. They are small red and itchy patches that occur on the fingers and toes when exposed to cold.

Chilblains Chilblains occur due to inflammation of blood vessels and response to repeated exposure of cold air. It usually goes away in one or three weeks. However, this was not the case with Chilblains like patches due to COVID-19.

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