Postal Ballot – All you need to know

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We will learn everything about the Postal Ballot system.

Remote voting option for NRIs – Postal Ballot

The government is considering a remote voting system for NRIs In a statement to the SC of India. The Union government stated that it was looking into measures to allow non-resident Indians (NRI) to vote remotely while maintaining the fairness of the election process.

As of now, NRIs have to be present in person in the constituency written on their Passports.

Remote voting in the form of a Postal ballot system is available for the members of the Armed forces.

So the SC has suggested that the govt. should look for Digital voting options.

How does the Postal Ballot system works:-

Postal voting is only available to a specific group of voters. By filling out the ballot and returning it to the election official before it is counted, a voter can cast her vote remotely using this feature.

Who are eligible for Postal Ballot :-

Members of the armed forces like the Army, Navy and Air Force, members of the armed police force of a state (serving outside the state), government employees posted outside India and their spouses are entitled to vote only by post. In other words, they can’t vote in person. Voters under preventive detention can also vote only by post.

Special voters such as the President of India, Vice President, Governors, Union Cabinet ministers, Speaker of the House and government officers on poll duty have the option to vote by post. But they have to apply through a prescribed form to avail this facility.

Postal Ballot system working

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