R2 Code of Practices

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R2 Code of Practices refers to set of activities that needs to be done by an Electronics Company related to Recycling. Once the company Follows all the required steps under R2 Practices, the Company becomes R2 Certified.

What is Included in R2 Code of Practices :-

An electronics recycling company that is R2 certified in accordance with this Code of Practices will benefit by achieving higher profit margins and additional market share through improvements in its operating systems and processes, and the status bestowed by certification.

ThusEnvironmentally responsible practices in the electronics recycling industry are compiled under R2 Code of Practices.

An R2-certified company will be able to assure its upstream clients and customers that it takes appropriate measures at its facility to protect the environment, worker and public health, and data security.

Furthermore, an R2-certified company will be able to make the same assurances about each of its “Focus Material” downstream vendors throughout the recycling chain to final disposition.

UPSC-2021 Question on this :-

’R2 Code of Practices’’ constitute a tool available for promoting the adoption of

a) Environmentally responsible practices in the electronics recycling industry
b) Ecological management of ‘’Wetlands of International Importance” under the Ramsar Convention
c) Sustainable practices in the cultivation of agricultural crops in degraded lands
d) ‘’Environmental Impact Assessment’’ in the exploitation of natural resources

Answer :- A

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