SilverLine Project of Kerala and its Problems

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SilverLine, a project of the Kerala Rail Development Corporation Ltd., promotes infrastructure developed jointly by the State and Central governments. Subsidised external finance guaranteed by the Governments could effectively bridge the transport infrastructure gap and provide the desired results.

The SilverLine project is anti-development

Author says that the Kerala Railway Project with the name ‘SilverLine’ is anti-development and anti social.

What are the Problems associated:

  1. M. Shreedharan ( the metroman of India ) and Professor Gadgil, have all pitched that this project is a recipe for ecological disaster.
  2. The Project cost is too high and the state of Kerala which is already under so much public debt can’t afford such project.
  3. There are many other issues which are necessary for Kerala i.e Clean Drinking water, infrastructure problems, Health projects, etc. So these should have been the first priority.
  4. Against the democratic ethos : Since the Public opinion is against the Project thus the government should have heard the advice of the Public.

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