Nobel Prize Medicine 2022 : Mapping Sapiens with Neanderthals

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Svante Paabo received the 2022 Nobel Prize Medicine for his remarkable research that demonstrated how present humans and their ancient ancestors Neanderthals and Denisovans share DNA

The Swedish scientist offered important insights into our immune system and what distinguishes us from our extinct ancestors.

Nobel Prize Medicine 2022:-

Nobel Prize Medicine 2022 Winner
Nobel Prize Medicine 2022

Who were Homo neanderthalensis:-

Nickname: Neanderthal

Discovery Date: 1829

Where Lived: Europe and southwestern to central Asia

When Lived: About 400,000 – 40,000 years ago

Their bodies were shorter and stockier than ours, another adaption to live in cold conditions. But their brains were as big as ours.

Neanderthals created and used a diverse collection of complex tools, regulated fire, lived in shelters, constructed and wore clothes, were skilled hunters of large animals, ate plant foods, and made symbolic or beautiful artefacts on occasion. There is evidence that Neanderthals buried their deceased carefully and even marked their tombs with tributes such as flowers. This advanced and symbolic behaviour had never been observed in other monkeys or earlier human beings.

Pääbo’s father, Sune Bergstrom, was also a Nobel laureate in medicine in 1982, making this the eighth occasion a Nobel laureate’s kid has also won a Nobel Prize.

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