The Hindu Newspaper 17th April 2020

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1)Preamble of the Indian constitution reveals
1. Source of authority of the Constitution
2. Nature of Indian State
3. Objectives of the Constitution
4. Date when Constitution came into effect
Select the correct answer code:
a) 1, 2, 4
b) 2, 3, 4
c) 1, 2, 3
d) 1, 2, 3, 4

Solution:- The Preamble reveals four ingredients or components:
1. Source of authority of the Constitution: The Preamble states that the Constitution derives its authority from the
people of India.
2. Nature of Indian State: It declares India to be of a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic and republican polity.
3. Objectives of the Constitution: It specifies justice, liberty, equality and fraternity as the objectives.
4. Date of adoption of the Constitution: It stipulates November 26, 1949 as the date.

2)Which of the following were the suggestions made by Swaran Singh Committee to be included as Fundamental
1. Duty to pay taxes
2. Family Planning
3. Casting vote
Select the correct codes below
a) 1 only
b) 1, 2
c) 2, 3
d) 1, 2, 3

3)Which of the following are true about qualifications for a Supreme Court Judge
1. A naturalised citizen is eligible.
2. Should be of age more than 35 years.
3. Should have been a judge of High Court for 10 years.
Select the correct answer code

a) 1 only
b) 1, 2
c) 2, 3
d) 1, 3
Solution:- He should have been a judge of a High Court (or high courts in succession) for five years; or (b) He should
have been an advocate of a High Court (or High Courts in succession) for ten years; or (c) He should be a
distinguished jurist in the opinion of the president.
Constitution has not prescribed a minimum age for appointment as a judge of the Supreme Court.

Map of the Day :-

News:-Zoom not a safe platform, says MHA 

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued an advisory that Zoom video-conference is not a safe platform.

Zoom is U.S Based.

2)New normal: more airport time, no frills and higher fare

Passengers taking a flight must prepare to spend more time at the airport, temperature checks, fewer frills on board and possibly higher airfares, as airlines, airports and the government work to ensure physical distancing, hand hygiene and a sanitised environment to keep the COVID-19 infection at bay once the lockdown is lifted.

“The key aspect we have to keep in mind is the safety of passengers by ensuring social distancing so that the infection does not spread.

3) South Korea’s ruling party scores a landslide victory:- South Korea’s left leaning ruling party won a landslide election victory, after the pandemic turned the political tide in President Moon Jaein’s favour.

South Korean Parliament is called National Assembly since the advent of democracy in 1987 in South Korea.

4)Bear and Bull Market :-

The terms “bear” and “bull” are often used to describe general actions and attitudes, or sentiment, either of an individual asset or the market as a whole. Investors use the terms “bearish” or “bullish” as a quick way to describe their market sentiment regarding specific securities or financial markets.

A bear market refers to a decline in prices, usually for a few months, in a single security or asset, group of securities, or the securities market as a whole.

In contrast, a bull market is when prices are rising. Typically, a move of 20% or more from a recent peak or trough triggers an “official” bear or bull market.

A secular bull market and a secular bear market are terms used to describe long-term patterns of wealth creation or destruction in a stock market above and beyond regular volatility, especially when accounting for purchasing power changes due to inflation or deflation.

5)Pit viper in Arunachal has Harry Potter link:-

A new species of green pitviper found in ArunachalPradesh has a Harry Potterlink. The scientific name Tri-meresurus salazar has beenbinspired by Salazar Slytherin, cofounder of J.K. Rowling’s fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

BNHS was in News :-

The Bombay Natural History Society, founded on 15 September 1883, is one of the largest non-governmental organisations in India engaged in conservation and bio-diversity research.

BNHS is the partner of Bird Life International in India. It has been designated as a ‘Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’ by the Department of Science and Technology.

Logo: The BNHS logo is the great hornbill.

Internet of Birds: IT consultancy firm Accenture and the Bombay Natural History Society have developed Internet of Birds platform that identifies bird species found in India using Artificial Intelligence technology, including machine learning and computer vision, from digital photos that are uploaded by the public.

6) Forest fires rage in Odisha:-

Large tracts of forests in Odisha have been engulfed in raging fire, making it the most affected State.

According to an alert issued on the basis of satellite imageries of SNPP (Suomi National Polar orbiting Partnership) VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) sensor, Odisha was fourth as far as fire spots were concerned.

Editorial of the Day :-

A blueprint to revive the economy

Central theme:- what can be done to pull economy and poor affected because of Covid-19.

Author has given Few Points :-

  1. Unconditional Cash Transfer of Rs. 5000 for the Poor Households (data from MGNREGA or PMJAY) immediately in April and additional 3000 for poorest of the poor in May.
  2. Make Sure that distribution of free food for the poorest of the poor is done, because the  reports suggest that there is either lack of food suppliesat the local ration shop or identity requirements of ration cards are proving to be a roadblock.
  3. If work cannot be given for some reason, 10 days’ wages every month should be paid to the registered MGNREGA workers in the panchayat/block until the scheme is resumed. This will ensure some livelihood support.
  4. Economy should be reopened soon. The key to reopening is our ability to identify sensitive COVID-19 hotspot areas and containment zones.
  5. Starting May 4, the new guidelines must be expanded to permit all economic activity (with a few exceptions) in non-hotspot areas.
  6. Continuous testing and monitoring will be needed as new areas may turn into hotspots and hotspots may become non-hotspots.
  7. The new guidelines permit agricultural activity during the rabi harvest season. This is a step in the right direction.
  8. It is necessary to open up rail and bus transport with adequate precautions such as temperature checks and social distancing norms inside buses and trains.
  9. Provide Fund to cash deficient MSMEs .
  10. The RBI, and through it the banks, should be encouraged to make capital available liberally to sectors such as tourism and manufacturing.
  11. Promote Manufacturing and Export. Exports can be thekey to jobs for hundreds of millions of skilled and unskilled workers, as it was during the boom years 2004-2010.

Editorial 2:- 

Who was Ashok Desai :- Ashok Desai was one of the country’s most highly regarded and much loved lawyers. He held the offices of Solicitor General and Attorney General, and was later called upon to advise Presidents and Prime Ministers. He appeared in major constitutional,tax and company matters of the times.

Discussion:- 3 

Will the aviation industry recover from the pandemic?

Author says even when the flights are put back into operation, the concept of social distancing will be imposed on the airlines.

If you are only going to be flying one thirdof your capacity, look at the kind of fares that an airline will have to charge to sustain its operations.

And as we have seen, India is a price sensitive market. We are perhaps getting back to the era of the 1940s andthe 1950s where only the elite could afford to travel.

Another thing that has come out is that in this lockdown condition, a lot of people have found alternative meansof working, especially with video conferencing. So it’s going to be amajor change that we will see for the aviation industry.

IATA was in News in this :-

The International Air Transport Association is a trade association of the world’s airlines founded in 1945.

IATA has been described as a cartel since, in addition to setting technical standards for airline, IATA also organized tariff conferences that served as a forum for price fixing.

What is cartel :- a group of separate companies that agree to increase profits by fixing prices and not competing with each other.


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