The Hindu & PIB News 08th March 2020

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Questions of the Day :-

1)‘USTTAD’ Scheme is associated with which of the following ministries?

a) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

b) Ministry of Minority Affairs

c) Ministry of Tribal Affairs

d) Ministry of Consumer Affairs

2)According to the ‘use-based classification’ of IIP data, which of the following has highest weightage?

a) Consumer Non-durables

 b) Primary Goods

c) Infrastructure Goods

d) Capital Goods

3)‘The Global Gender Gap Report’ is published by

a) World Economic Forum

b) International Labour Organisation

c) UN Women


1)Child climate activist rejects PM’s initiative:- Manipur’s Licypriya Kangujam, arguably the world’s youngest climate  activist at eight, has turned down the Prime Minister’s #SheInspiresUs initiative for women to take over his social media accounts.
“Dear @narendramodi Ji, please don’t celebrate me if you are not going to listen [to] my voice. Thank you for selecting me amongst the inspiring women of the country under your initiative #SheInspiresUs. After thinking many times, I decided to turn down this honour,”

2)Victoria Memorial Hall to display rare miniature of Rani Padmini:- New Delhi The Victoria Memorial Hall (VMH) in Kolkata will display a unique Rajput miniature painting of Rani Padmini (Padmavati) of Chittor to mark International Women’s Day (8th March).

One More important Painting mentioned:-

BHARAT MATA By Abanindranath Tagore.

3)The Sun brings out a fresh batch of sunspots:- Sun spots are relatively cooler spots on the Sun’s surface.

Two Events related to Sunspots : However, huge solar flares and coronal mass ejections spew material from its surface into outer space. They originate from sunspots, an important phenomenon that people have been following for hundreds of years.

Some Characteristics:-

  1. Sunspots occur in pairs, with a leader and a follower.
  2. They originate deep within the Sun and become visible when they pop out.
  3. Their number is not constant but shows a minimum and then rises up to a maximum and then falls again in what is called the solar cycle.

Solar dynamo:- The Sun is made of hot ionised plasma whose motions generate magnetic fields in the solar interior by harnessing the energy of the plasma flows. This magnetism is known as the solar dynamo mechanism (or magneto-hydro-dynamic dynamo mechanism). “Simply stated, it is a process by which kinetic energy of plasma motions is converted to magnetic energy, which generates the magnetised sunspots, giving rise to the solar cycle.

4)How wounded plants heal, survive:– A paper recently published in Development shows that a protein
named PLETHORA (PLT), which encodes stem cell promoting factors, helps in the regeneration of the vascular system at the site of injury.

This protein binds to and activates the expression of another gene (CUC-2). These two together increase the
production of a plant growth hormone called auxin at the wound site. The combination of these proteins and hormones gives the plant the ability to repair wounds.

5) Educational and economic empowerment is important for women empowerment :- Speaking at the inaugural of iWIN (International Women Network) – on the occasion of Women’s Day in Hyderabad today, the Vice President said that that no country could make progress if women were denied equal opportunities and were made to lag behind.

Stating that life always needs women, Shri Naidu in his trademark style, said-

“First it is Vidya (education), then Lakshmi (wealth) and finally it is Shakti and Shanti  (peace)”.

Describing spiritual symbols, the Vice President stated, whether we chant the Gayatri (mantra) or read the Gita (epic), or we do Vandana , Puja or Aarti with Shraddha towards God to pray, we are still with women.

6)United Nations Global Compact Study: Women Labour-force has declined greatly in India:- The United Nations Global Compact conducted a study recently and found that female labour participation has decreased from 34% in 2006 to 24.8% in 2020.

The Study says that if women labour participation has been the same as that of men, the GDP of the country shall be boosted by 27%.

7)International Conference on Nano-Science and Nano Technology held in Kolkata:- Department of Science of Technology operating under Ministry of Science and Technology organized an International Conference on Nano-Science and Nano Technology (ICONSAT) at Kolkata. The Conference was held between March 5, 2020 and March 7, 2020.

8)What is BHOG of FSSAI?:- BHOG certificate from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). This was launched in 2018.

BHOG is Blissful Hygiene Offering to God. These are certificates issued by FSSAI. The BHOG certificates ensure quality of food offered to devotees and deities as well. It was launched as a precautionary measure to maintain hygiene of foods at the temples.

9)Direct Tax Vivad Se Viswas Bill, 2020:- Lok Sabha passed the Direct Tax Vivad Se Viswas Bill, 2020. The bill aims to reduce the number of litigation that are associated with direct tax payments. The Direct Tax Vivad Se Viswas concept was introduced by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman during the Union Budget 2020-21.

Though the bill deals with tax payments, it is in no way connected with the Income-Tax Act, 1961.

However, it aims to bring the appeals filed by the Income Tax Department under the act. And for the taxpayers, the bill says that if the tax payment is made after March 31, 2020, the tax payer has to pay 110% of the disputed tax.

And if the tax is paid before the date, the tax payer has to pay full amount of the disputed tax and there will be no penalty applied.


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