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Q1- “The evolution of foreign policy that took place immediately after independence was informed with the same degree of idealism that permeated the freedom struggle”. Explain the statement in context of India’s foreign policy in post-independence era. (250 words,15 marks)- GS1

Q2- electoral bonds were seen as a harbinger of a new era of transparency and accountability but In truth, electoral bonds have only legitimized opacity. Critically analyse the statement. (150 words,10 marks)- GS2

Q3- Despite being one of the largest producers of agricultural and food products in the world, India ranks fairly low in the global food processing value chains. In the light of statement cite the reasons of poor development of food processing industry in India. Also suggest measures to overcome various barriers in food processing industry.
(250 words,15 marks)- GS3

Q4- A moral person not only must achieve just results through acts but also must employ the proper means and act with good intentions. Discuss the statement with suitable illustrations. (150 words,10 marks)-GS4

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