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Q1- Sometimes it is said that Indian secularism is an imitation of western secularism.Do you think so? Give reasons in support of your answer.(150 words,10 marks)- GS1

Q2- Although Right to Information (RTI) is considered as advancement in India but it suffers from several drawbacks which need to be revised and improved. Elaborate (250 words,15 marks)-GS2

Q3- “India will be unable to take full advantage of the transformative benefits of a strong Intellectual Property system unless and until it addresses gaps in its IP laws and regulations,”. Analyse the statement in the light of National IPR policy,2016. (250 words,15 marks)- GS3

Q4- How work ethics is different from professional ethics? For a civil servant which one is more important? (150 words,10 marks)-GS4

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