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Q1- Discuss how peasant and tribal movements post-1857 was different from pre-1857 movements? (150 words,10 marks)-GS1

Q2- The Citizens’ Charter was brought about with the intention of making administration more responsive and effective. But with the kind prevailing deficiencies in the citizens’ charter it is near to impossible to serve the aims, as the fault lies in the foundation itself. Critically analyse the statement. (250 words,15 marks)-GS2

Q3- Coastal sand mining, whether legal or illegal, poses one of the biggest threats to our environment. Analyse the impact of sand mining along the Indian coasts, citing specific examples. (150 words,10 marks)-GS3

Q4- “Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence”. Analyse the statement in present context. (150 words,10 marks)-GS4

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