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Q1- Harappan civilization forms an important landmark in the prehistory of the Indian subcontinent. The civilization offers an excellent example to the modern world in various ways. In the light of statement discuss relevance of Harappan civilization in today’s world. (150 words,10 marks)-GS1

Q2- Define Conflict Transformation. How Conflict Transformation approach can help in de-escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan. (150 words,10 marks)-GS2

Q3- “The various groups working on the urban sector have criticised the National Urban Policy Framework prima facie and have termed it too shallow, which does not even address the basic issues plaguing urbanisation.” In the light of statement Critically analyse role of National Urban Policy Framework in transformation of Indian cities. (250 Marks,15 marks)-GS3

Q4- “Corruption in India has taken an epidemic form of communicable disease which needs multimodal therapy to get rid of”. Analyse.(250 words,15 marks)- GS4

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