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Q1- Recently, Government of India made changes in definition of MSMEs. Why was the change in definition required? Critically discuss benefits such a change will bring to the MSMEs.( GS3).

Q2-  Transparency is certainly a check on abuse, but it is an oversimplification to say that public has right to know everything.  Discuss the statement in Indian context. (GS4).

Q3-  Explain the factors responsible for localisation of jute textile mills mainly on the banks of the river Hugli. Also mention the problems in jute sector and government initiatives to reform the sector. (GS1).

Q4- “globalisation should transform the world into, a federation of friendly, interdependent nations, without domination or exploitation and Panchsheel is the basis of such a world order”.
In light of statement discuss the relevance of Panchsheel in today’s world. (GS2).

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