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Q1- Women in Colonial India hardly received the priority it deserved. The honour and interests of the community and nation still prevailed over the rights of women. Critically analyse the statement. (250 words,15 marks)-GS1

Q2- “A shift to lobbying as a means of engaging with the legislative process would further the ideals of a participative democracy”. In the light of statement discuss and debate need of regulate lobbying in India and to what extent. (250 words,15 marks)-GS2

Q3- India faces a number of threats and challenges that originate from the sea and which are mainly sub-conventional in nature. What are those challenges? also discuss India’s level of preparedness to counter such challenges. (250 words,15 marks)

Q4- Two different kinds of attitudes exhibited by public servants towards their work have been identified as bureaucratic attitude and the democratic attitude. Distinguish between these two terms and write their merits and demerits.
(150 words, 10 marks)-GS4

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