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Q1- In India, it is often said that if high courts lose their prominence, India’s justice delivery system will be the principal loser. Do you think High courts in India is losing their importance?
Substantiate your answer with suitable reasoning. (250 words,15 marks)- GS2

Q2- The Theory of Plate Tectonics builds on Wegener’s Theory of Continental Drift. Explain. Also cite the reason for non-acceptance of Wagner’s theory of continental drift for long time. (250 words,15 marks)-GS1

Q3- Cite common reasons for Conflict among various groups in India and lack of formation of a national identity. (150 words,10 marks)-GS3

Q4- “Emotional intelligence goes beyond just knowing your own emotions”. Based on statement define emotional intelligence and its elements. Why is it so important? (250 words,15 marks)-GS4

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