UPSC Prelims Quiz 2020 #21

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Questions & Answers

1. Consider the following statements with respect to ‘Battle of Sinhagad’

1)It was fought in the Konkan Region of Maharashtra.
2)It was fought between Sambhaji Maharaj and Jai Singh I who was a Mughal Army Chief.
Select the correct statements

a) 1 Only
b) 2 Only
c) Both
d) None


Solution (d)

  • The Battle of Sinhagad took place during the night on 4 February 1670 on the fort of Sinhagad near the city of Pune, Maharashtra.
  • The battle was fought between Tanaji Malusare, a Koli commander of Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj and Udaybhan Rathod, fortkeeper under Jai Singh I who was a Mughal Army Chief.

2. ‘Defence Acquisition Council’ is chaired by

a) Prime Minister
b) National Security Advisor
c) Union Defence Minister
d) Cabinet Secretary


Solution (c)

3. Marawah Island’ was in news recently. It is under the control of

a) Kuwait
b) aahrain
c) United Arab Emirates
d) Ethiopia


Solution (c)

It is a low-lying island off the coast of the Western Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.
News: World’s oldest known natural pearl discovered on Abu Dhabi Island

4. Which of the following art forms are associated with ‘Manipur’?

Select the correct code:

a) 1 and 2
b) 2 and 3
c) 1 and 3
d) All of the above


Solution: d)

  • Raas: Exhibits the transcendental love of Krishna and Radha and the Gopis’ devotion to the Lord
  • Sankirtana: Accompanied with congregational singing
    • During all festivals and social functions
  • Thang-Ta
    • Martial dance form
    • It is popular term for the ancient Manipuri Martial Art known as HUYEN LALLONG.
    • In the Manipuri language, thang means sword and ta means spear. As its name implies, the sword and spear are the primary weapons in thang-ta. Other weapons used include the shield and axe.

5. Which of the following statements with respect to ‘Pattachitra’ is correct?

a) It is a traditional dance form of Odisha
b) It is a block painting of Buddhism faith
c) It is a painting done on dry leaves and preserved
d) It is a cloth-based scroll painting of Odisha


Solution: d)

Pattachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian state, Odisha. In the Sanskrit language, “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture”. Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities.

6. The ‘Index of Economic Freedom’ is published by

a) World Economic Forum
b) World Bank
d) The Heritage Foundation


Solution: d)

The Index of Economic Freedom is an annual index and ranking created in 1995 by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal to measure the degree of economic freedom in the world’s nations.

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