What is Myositis disease?

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Why in the news? Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu is suffering from myositis.

Samantha Prabhu

So What is Myositis?

This inflammatory muscular condition has the potential to harm both muscles and other organs.

It happens because of an immune system malfunction when healthy tissue is wrongly attacked.

Symptoms :-

Firstly, Muscle weakness.
Secondly, soreness, or ache are the main symptoms, and they typically get worse.
Thirdly, After walking or standing, one may frequently trip or fall and feel extremely exhausted.

Types of Myositis

Treatment of Myositis

Its patients are still treated first with large dosages of glucocorticoids (GC). Doctor generally advises mixing GCs with another immunosuppressive medication. There is no full cure for Myositis as of now.

However, management of the disease is critical in order to reduce inflammation caused by it and to prevent muscle weakness from progressing

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