Zoom App Controversy

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What has happiness with Zoom :-Zoom is an American company listed on Nasdaq. The Supreme Court asked the government to respond to a petition seeking a ban on the use of video communications app ‘Zoom’ for official and personal purposes. There were certain issues with the Zoom app.

Why Such Petition :-

  • False Claim by Zoom that they use E2E encryption in video calls / meets when they were not using E2E encryption.
  • The government of India previously asked every citizen of the country to stop using the Zoom video conference platform as it breaches privacy. 
  • Zoom previously accepted that it “mistakenly” routed traffic through China.
  • Zoombombing where unwanted and uninvited people enter into the conference.
  • Privacy Issues.
  • The plea highlights that Zoom “practices data hoarding and cyber hoarding” including mass storage of personal user data, cloud recordings, instant messages and also files.

So what’s the future : Depends on the centres response and S.Cs decision.

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